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  • Interior and exterior design and decoration of the company’s new headquarters in Quinta do Lago—300 m2 within a luxury residential area located in Algarve, Portugal.
  • Customer wanted a modern and functional hands-on project that could be implemented within a short period of time so that employees could continue to work.
  • Implement modernity within the company’s facilities through a combination of design, comfort, and functionality.


  • Remodeled all functioning areas of the office with use of contemporary décor.
  • Designed, produced, and implemented green and gray tones for the entire interior, simulating a natural environment similar to the beautiful landscapes of Quinta do Lago. Stressed the importance of cabinets, wall coatings, doors, and furniture design.
  • Produced indoor and outdoor signage as well as the application of decals (exclusively designed) on windows, walls, wood, PVC, and textile print on walls.
  • On the exterior, installed phenolic panels on the walls, completely covering the structure of the ground floor, giving the building a touch of modernity and elegance.
  • All of the materials were manufactured and carried out within a short period of time—only seven weeks.


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