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  • Design and decorate the Microsoft space for FNAC stores in Portugal.
  • Microsoft brand needed to expand their visibility at the point of sale, generating a brand experience, strategically distributing the products according to space categories.
  • Creation of the “Microsoft Experience,” a space especially designed for technology lovers and fans of their products.


  • The solution, designed in collaboration with the renowned communications agency BBDO Portugal, combined design, functionality, and technology while creating a distinctive brand image.
  • Designed space to create maximum impact on consumers and optimize the meters available.
  • Manufactured and installed Krion furniture, a material that gave the area a touch of class and modernity.
  • Fixed shelving and displays with prices that could be managed in a flexible and functional manner.
  • Integrated LEDs in the furniture and exhibitors, as well as LCD screens, with the aim of highlighting the brand and the products displayed.
  • The first of these spaces was constructed and installed in the Colombo Shopping Center in Lisbon, and its manufacturing and execution term was 7 weeks.
  • The Microsoft space in FNAC is now available, also in Fórum Almada and Norte Shopping. This year, it plans to open in FNAC stores in Cascais Shopping and Chiado.


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